CHIANTILOVERS 2017 – So many lovers for Chianti

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CHIANTILOVERS 2017 – So many lovers for Chianti

To talk about ChiantiLovers, the third edition of wine’s preview, we would like to give a special interpretation … not focused primarily on wine but on the other side of the event: the tasters!
What would be our wines, without a large group of curious people who want to “hear” and “discover” them???

We would like to draw up a kind of handbook (or a guide) that could be offered also to the most skeptical visitor, possibly almost a teetotaler, and bored by the mere mention of the evolution of the wine industry in Tuscany.

The only really fundamental requirement to fully enjoy this tasting of Chianti is a good dose of curiosity and a good company to share the experience. And it requires no special preparation, nor academic, nor physical. We recommended, in order to better address the evening, making a slight snack, not to arrive at the time of tasting with completely empty stomach.

To have a discount at the entrance, you can present promotional coupons distributed by the APE Piaggio that was in the Florentine squares evening that preceded the event. (… distributed with a special appetizer with Chianti and fried vegetables!!).

The entrance is probably the most critical moment: to the visitor appears a large hall with more than 100 stands, all very similar, chaired by companies operating on the entire territory of Tuscany. The initial impact may intimidate a novice or an inexperienced, and the dizziness take over … but do not worry!

Just visit the stand 47 (Cantine Bellini) or the booth 57 (Podere il Pozzo) to be guided to discover the sensory wonders that these wines can tell.
For us it is a special pleasure to share a little of our time and some of our art in empathic mode, without much paranoia and/or technicalities, but simply trying to emphasize the invigorating and emotional power of the Wine.

Take in hand the glasses that accompany us in search of precious bouquet (sense of touch). During pouring, it is introduced to the tasting with an indication of the blend and the timing of maturation (sense of hearing). It tries to frame the shade of red reflected in the glass, slowly swirling the wine (sense of sight).

Bringing the glass to the nose, the eyes are closed and you start to focus the emotions sprung from the concentration of taste and smell: feelings that it is rare to put under scrutiny even just for fun.

You will find a lot of fun to externalize their emotions after tasting, between memories and suggestions.
For example, the Chianti Rufina Riserva 2014 Cantine Bellini is spicy, tasty and proud, soft texture of fresh fruit. Do not you find this description is very similar to that of a kiss?!?

In order to continue the tastings so you can build a personal yardstick it is essential to use the spittoon. There is no need to drink the wine tasted.

The afternoon seems to fly between one stand and an other…because the wine catalyzes a great turnout; his exploits pass from mouth to mouth, feeding tales and legends. In late evening it served as an aperitif with Tuscan cuisine delicacies to do honor to the bottles on display.

To finish properly the wine tasting, do not forget to go to your favorite stand to toast with producers of the wine that has most inspired you. Exiting, takes home the still vivid memory of a unique experience.

To all of our readers who participated in ChiantiLovers 2017, we devote our thanks for making us partakers of their emotions, their appreciation and also of their criticisms. To those who could not participate in this exciting event we turn, right now, our invitation for next year!