Our History

Winemakers from XIX century

The Bellini Family descend from an ancestry of landowners that began to distribute the products of their farms in the last years of the XIX century, giving a special attention to the production of wines.
The winery had a strong growth in the 50’s, starting to expand its business not only inside the Italian territory but also all around Europe.
Nowadays the fifth generation of winemaker of Bellini’s family, strengthened the European market, has started to export its wines overseas, becoming a well known and appreciated brand all over the world.
All the Bellini’s wines are made of typical grapes of their territory, collected in part from owned lands and in part from vineyard rented from nearby farms that collaborate with them for a very long time.
The management of the winery is still a family run business and goes on with the aim to combine tradition with a technological and organizational renewal able to give a new boost to the production in terms of quality and elegance.

Our vineyards

A product rooted in the territory

The historic vineyard of the Bellini family are located inside Chianti Rùfina, the smallest and the highest of the seven areas that compose the Chianti D.O.C.G.
The property of the family extends over a hilly area situated between 300 and 400 meters above the sea level, surrounded by olive groves and woods rooted in a territory that count on a thousand-years history, as demonstrated by the presence of Romanesque parish church, towers and medieval castles.
The sandy and limestone soils and the perfect combination of ventilation and temperature leap between night and day, guarantee the ideal terroir for the growth of the Sangiovese grapes, giving to it a good acidity and an elegant tannin and a naturally vocation to the aging.
Over the Sangiovese grapes, which is the historic autochthone vineyard of the Chianti zone, are cultivated other kind of international grapes, like Cabernet franc, Merlot and Syrah.
The choice to create wines using also non autochthone grapes is made in order to offer a wider range of products, still with the highest quality, but without getting away from the typical and traditional character of the wine of the Chianti territory.

The cellar

From the vineyard to the bottle

The grapes that create the Bellini’s wines come to the fermentation cellar after a meticulous selection made by hand in the vineyard.
After the de-stemming the musts are led, by gravity, to the stainless steel tanks, for starting the temperature-controlled fermentation.
In relation to the kind of wine that it’s going to be produced, the musts will stay over the dregs from 15 to 24 days and then will continue the aging in steel, wood or concrete for a time that goes from 6 months, for the easier wines, to 6 years for the most complex one.
All the red wines had a second controlled-temperature fermentation, a malolactic type, that give to the wine more roundedness and elegance.
At the end of the correct aging of the wine, that depend on the kind of wine, all the bottles are bottled in accordance to the HACCP hygienic rules and to the traceability of the product. The winery is provided, for over 20 years, with CertiQuality ISO9001:2008; this ensure the highest quality consistency and a stable standard of production. Advanced machinery guarantee that each bottle always reach the highest level of quality.

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